Musings: Solo Dining at Pizza Union

From the title of this post I can make it clear that 1) I did not marry a pizza 2) I did not join a union for pizzas. Although both of these options sound very exciting, I was actually invited to try the Aldgate branch of a relatively new chain of restaurants called Pizza Union. You’re probably thinking, yet another pizza chain, just what the UK needs. I can express (pun intended), that yes we do need another one because you can never have too many options, especially when it comes to pizza. Not only that, the branding includes an emblem of a lion with a crown, so it does stand out from the usual ones…

I was challenged to try Pizza Union solo. It’s almost as though they knew me as a person, I love spending time alone, and if it’s with pizza… all the better. I must again make it clear that I do not intend on marrying an American Hot. Well after the year 2020, I may re-consider my thoughts…

Being the skim reader I am, I actually went to the wrong Pizza Union, ending up at the Spitalfields branch rather than Aldgate. After a 10 minute walk, I shortly arrived at the Aldgate branch, with an empty stomach and an eagerness to eat… I did note on my walk how rapidly the area is changing with gentrification ever seeping in. The luxury flats do look lovely though but I hope the area still maintains its personality.

I was kindly greeted by a smiley server behind the till and told a little more about the order process. I opted for the superfast 12inch pepperoni pizza (£5.95), which is so cheap considering it is made fresh in front of you. If you want a little more to eat, you can add extra toppings for £1. Salads start at 2.50 and there are also plenty of drink options available. All in the menu is simple, but there are options for vegetarians too. You can see the full menu here too.

My Solo Dining Experience

I sat myself down near a window with my notebook, so even if I was by myself, I was doing a Carrie Bradshaw and writing my life away. Five years ago, the thought of eating solo would scare me, but these days I absolutely embrace it. There is something satisfying about taking time out for yourself and being in silence. The interior reminded me of a cafeteria with an industrial feel, which is great if you are alone so you can blend in easily if you’re conscious of being alone.

But, let’s get on to the most important thing, the pizza…

It was fresh, tasty and full of flavour, arriving quickly too, so the perfect place if you want a spot of lunch or a quick dinner. Call me old (I am), but the music level was perfect, and it was great to hear my own thoughts than wonder about shouting to a friend if I was with them.

Thoughts on the future?

I love the concept of Pizza Union and the simplicity behind it, I hope it stays true to this and continues to focus on quality rather than becoming a huge chain. I wonder if they could have a Pizza Union loyalty card for frequent visitors, to make you actually feel like you’re part of a union… But best of all, it’s affordable, unpretentious and the food is tasty.

You can find out more about Pizza Union here.
Char xo

Please note, my meal was complimentary, but all views are my own.

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