Musings: Things I Love About Airports

I wrote a post a few months ago about things that annoy me when I’m at the airport but it’s only fair I do a post on things I love right? Here goes…

Being bleary-eyed on your journey to the airport in an overpriced cab, but knowing you’ll be in a foreign land the same time tomorrow makes it all worth it.

Champagne with breakfast

This is one of my traditions when getting an early flight, is an overpriced breakfast and a glass of champagne because the excuse *fck it I’m on holiday* kicks in. I am yet to try the Nando’s breakfast at Gatwick Airport yet, so when I go to Mexico in November, I’ll be sure to give it a try.



I could write a whole chapter in the book of my life on things I’ve witnessed in airports but people watching is an absolute must, especially if your flight is delayed and you have some time to kill. I love seeing people’s airport outfits too, how do some people look so EFFORTLESS? No wonder they get upgraded to first class, in comparison to me looking like an extra from LOST.



I always end buying something I forgot at an ungodly price but you gotta save the economy somehow? Duty free make up and perfume shopping is one of my weaknesses…

Staring at the departures board wondering where everyone is going and then squinting to find my flight. Is it me or is the font tiny, perhaps I need new glasses

Being in a GOOD MOOD

Apart from ESTA fiasco last year when going to LA, I can never recall a time when I’ve been in a bad mood at the airport?

Taking off

Taking off my shoes, taking off my jacket, snuggling up with a blanket, watching a movie and taking off from my life, if just for a moment.

What do you enjoy most about being at the airport?


Char xo


30 thoughts on “Musings: Things I Love About Airports

  1. Fun post! When I think of airports, I think STRESS. But actually you’ve made me rethink that, and reflect on the excitement and buzz I feel when heading somewhere overseas. I usually save my drinking for the plane (always a wine and a cheeky Baileys) but I might just add champers for breakfast to my travel checklist 😉 x


  2. I also love airports! Especially when I’m there first thing in the morning – even though it’s busy, it feels peaceful to me, and I love the sensation about being about to embark on an adventure.


  3. I also love the airport. Being there makes me giddy! I live very close to the airport in my city and I can see planes coming into land from my living room, I love wondering if they are coming home from a lovely vacation or maybe just getting here to visit

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  4. Nice post haha you described very pleasant experiences ;D that as a non-frequent traveler I can appreciate! Especially when things at airports can get chaotic with last minute gate changes, flight delays etc… 🙂 Also going to check out the annoyed post too.

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  5. I love airports too! One of my friends absolutely loves Supermarkets but pre-departure bubbles, shopping and people watching are my jam. I recently applied for a job in an airport, I didn’t get it but I also think spending 40 hours a week in an airport and never flying anywhere might have ruined things a bit for me haha

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