Memoirs: LA & Vegas… Again (A Photo Diary)

I’ve barely been home 24 hours and the the post-holiday blues have kicked in and I’m already counting down the days until my next trip (59 days to go). I’m not sure if I will do my usual diary style round up of my LA/Vegas 2017 trip as I’ve done in the past but here are a few photos I took instead…

Someone bought our group champagne on the plane, so only right I get that shot for the ‘Gram

The view from the VooDoo Rooftop bar on top of the Rio hotel is a MUST! Try the zipline if you dare…
Downtown Vegas is my fave. Cheap drinks, cheap food and old school style.


Venice Beach is pretty iconic.
LA sunsets must be witnessed in person

If you weigh over 350lbs, you can eat at the Heart Attack Grill for FREE
Vic and Anthony’s… the food is AMAZING!
Sunrise on The Strip…
The Biltmore Hotel in LA is perfect for some old school Hollywood history and glamour.

I did however find some hidden gems, eat some amazing food and see some cool shows, so I may do a round up on this side. Are you heading to Vegas or Los Angeles anytime soon? What do you have planned?


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Char xo


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