Memoirs: An Ode to Uber… You Will Be Missed

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now or are new to it, you’d know that I have a guilty pleasure, which is the Uber app. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve started a blog post with ‘I got in an Uber because weekends make me lazy’.

I mean a taxi at your feet in 2 minutes (sometimes less) is perfect for my lazy ass self on the weekend and it’ll always be cheaper than running a car so why not? To be honest, I don’t NEED to get a taxi everywhere.

It was announced in the news yesterday that Uber are being stripped of its licence in London and in millennial fashion I went on a little Twitter rant…


This is my main reason for Uber:

I’ve been followed home by creeps way too many times in my life and I would rather get home safely than have something happen to me on my doorstep. Yes, I am completely aware the same thing could happen in an Uber but at least the app tracks your location to some extent…

There are reasons for and against Uber which I completely understand both sides BUT lets be real, Black cabs are an overpriced luxury, requesting an Addison Lee takes two hours and some local minicab firms are unreliable.

Uber is convenient for my lifestyle…

I’d even tried to cut back on Uber earlier this year because I’m trying to save! Such is life:

To not dwell on this situation, I thought I’d let you in on some of my favourite Uber moments which I’ve either tweeted about or pulled out from my memory…

Getting thrown out of an UberPOOL for eating chicken wings… I don’t think I got a high rating that night.

The not so good journeys (We all have our off days):

Highlight of my 20s:

The future for me probably means using my Oystercard more, but going out less, if that even makes sense. TBH I did write about my love for cancelled plans, so I probably won’t be going anywhere this winter. What are your thoughts on this whole fiasco?


Char xo

P.S TFL, how about you implement this and we’ll all be happy:


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