​Musings: Untangling with a Tangle Angel

I think it’s a recurring theme in my blog that I suffer from the Hermione Granger hair syndrome? Sometimes I yearn for poker straight a la Avril Lavigne and other times I’m greatful for my curls. I guess its all about having a routine and finding products that work for me which brings me on to…

Tangle Angel

You’re probably wondering what an earth a Tangle Angel is, so I’ll show you instead:
Hurrah, it’s a brush and actually works WONDERS! I have used a very similar product in the past but frankly it started to hurt my arm…
What I love about the Tangle Angel is the ergonomic handle (I do know big words post university), which gives you the utmost control when brushing through your hair. I found the Tangle Angel worked best for me when my hair was towel dried as it allowed me to get my hair detangled without tugging or pulling at my roots. It also worked well when dry (I generally straighten my hair) and glided through my hair perfectly.

Not only that, there is more to this brush than meets the eye… it’s heat resistant up to 120C and can be used in the shower. So perfect for styling and on holiday? This is definitely gonna be in my suitcase on my trip next month

My hair from root to tip is an ordeal, so having a brush that doesn’t pull out my hair or tangle it even more is going to be a staple in my haircare collection. The Tangle Angel just does that and the wide bristles would be great if you have medium to thick wavy or curly hair.
How I look normally…
I can’t wait to see how my frizzy bush of a mane gets on with this brush over the next few months and I definitely need to invest in the style range.
You can check out the Tangle Angel range here. Have you tried the brand before?

Char xo

Please note, this product was sent for my review but all views are my own.

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