Musings: My Dream Kitchen Moodboard

When I think of my dream kitchen so many ideas come to mind. Is it all those years of playing architect in The Sims and wondering what I will have in my own place?  Perhaps, but when it comes to my ultimate dream kitchen all I can think of is an a huge island, lots of black, slate, marble and a minimalist design.  I’m not a huge fan of clutter and a kitchen should be one of those space where everything is in its place and there is a place for everything. Or you can just shove everything in a cupboard and never let it see the light of day…

When it comes to a kitchen, it’s a place I associate with those memories of licking the spoon when baking with my mother, blowing up the microwave (who knew foil was flammable aged 8) and making an absolute mess. As an adult, the kitchen is my place of solace to forage for food after a drunken night out, eat when I’m bored (Char, stop this) and just sit and read the newspaper on a Sunday afternoon. What I do love about a kitchen is it being airy, light and in those dark winter evenings being able to replicate the sun (ha) with ambient LED lighting.


Decoration and design ideas for me would definitely include:

  • Rose gold hardware
  • A camera in my fridge so I can check up on my food whilst travelling and instruct someone to throw it out
  • Marble counter tops for flat-lays
  • A HUGE wine cabinet
  • A huge pantry with my food alphabetised
  • A kitchen island is a must
  • One of those little windows that opens out into the dining room so I can yell to my cats that dinner is ready
  • Beautiful mood lighting that is great for taking selfies, these would come in handy



I can’t cook (or don’t want to learn to), but maybe I would be more inclined in a beautiful space? Essentially, my dream kitchen is somewhere where I can make a house a home, attempt to bake a cake a roll in at 3am and raid the fridge.

Char xo


Please note, images have been sourced from Unsplash. 


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