Musings: 5 Few Reasons Why Travel Makes You More Productive

Please note this is a collaborative post with CR Events. 

I don’t know about you but travelling has made me productive and much more motivated as I embark on more trips. Is it the endless hours looking for the perfect trip at the best price or scouring through TripAdvisor reviews wondering if I’m picking the right hotel? I guess its a combination of both and a few reasons below why travelling has made me more productive and hopefully you too…


If you haven’t used my handy packing list, where have you been? But in all seriousness packing either makes you or breaks you. You either fall in the category that packs weeks before and organises your clothing into packing items OR packs a few hours before with minutes to leave to head to airport. Either way, it makes you productive from planning beforehand or knowing you can do it in a few short hours.
My top tip would be to check the weather meticuluously, pack light and always take a toothbrush and a spare change of clothes in your hand luggage.

Packing Everything into One Day

If you’re on a citybreak and want to see everything you can in one day, you’re up at dawn and you’re out until late. Packing everything into one day definitely makes you more productive as you suddenly discover a burst of energy to get you through the day and around the city. Plus, you gotta make all your friends back home jealous with all those sightseeing pics right?
Me trying to cram everything into one day…


With flights as low as £4.99 these days (Thank you RyanAir) your whole perspective on travel and the whole as a whole can change you. The best way to change your life, get motivated and get out of that funk is to travel.

Pushing Yourself into a New Comfort Zone

Nothing makes you more resiliant than navigating yourself around a new town or city, especially when you don’t speak the language. I remember a young boy helping me use the Metro system in Milan on my solo trip and I was SO grateful.
CR Events actively engage employees across the globe to get out there and travel with a whole host of team activities. I wish they had something like this for bloggers! What better way to get to know your colleagues than a bit of mudwrestling or a zipwire through the jungle?


Travel, much like the working environment throws a bunch of personalities at you, some which you may get along with and some you may not. You’re probably wondering how different personalities makes you more productive. But much like perspective and pushing yourself into a new comfort zone, different personalities can make you more productive by researching the local customs and traditions of the place you’re visiting.
Has travelling made you more productive? Or perhaps the opposite? Let me know by commenting below.

Char xo

Please note this is a collaborative post with CR Events. 

23 thoughts on “Musings: 5 Few Reasons Why Travel Makes You More Productive

  1. You know what, I totally relate to this! I feel like a purposeful human being, full of energy and productivity and most importantly, life when I’m traveling! I love the planning, I adore the figuring out the correct Lane and talking to random people for directions bits too!


  2. everything is so true! travel changed me so much! I am so good at packing now! but most importantly, I left my comfort zone and made me more confident!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great points on perspective and meeting all sorts of personalities. I’m pretty organized when it comes to packing, which can make it a bit stressful because I’m picky about how I pack! I like the flow of your post, thanks for sharing these thoughts and points. I have a travel blog as well and have followed your blog. Mine is! I will be looking forward to more of your posts!


  4. I totally am a more productive person because of WANTING to travel. I know I need to be more organized in other aspects of my life (finances, etc) in order to travel!


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