Memoirs: A Night at Chocolate City – Event Roundup

Although I may be predominantly a travel blogger, last night I visited your untypical city in London’s gentleman club Spearmint Rhino. Nope, it’s not a Rhino who likes mints, it’s a straight up strip club a stone’s throw away from Warren Street station.

I wrote about my favourite strip club anthems a couple of weeks ago, I went to Vegas and experienced a few male revues… You know Magic Mike and the Chippendales are great and all, but there is something about being on home turf (London) that makes things a little magical…

I dunno what it is with 2017 but I’ve been to more strip clubs than baby showers this year so I can happily say I’m living my best life.

I took two of my favourite people to enjoy last night’s fun, my bestie Shannel and my blogger bestie Mariah and they were in for a surprise. We queued up around 7.30pm only for a few moments, before being given cupcake, a horn and a headband (amongst other goodies) before heading downstairs and being shown to our table.

The staff are professional, friendly, fun and happy to help, just make sure to keep your wristband on. We were treated to a VIP table (again living our best lives) and had a brilliant view of the stage without feeling like we were too far or too close.

If you’re in a large group, I’d recommend booking the booth (minimum spend applies) by the stage for a little more intimacy and private but if you’re on a budget, standing is fine and only £10. However if you are a VIP, bottle service is included, but a little expensive (e.g £20 for 5x Desparados) but it’s London so what do you expect? You step outside and £10 is debited from your account in this city, so might as well spend some more money… 

The MCs warm up the crowd (not in the way you think from the environment – ha) and play the very best in 90s/00s R&B to get you in the mood for an evening of debauchery. Each performer has their own signature move and set up, some with fire (don’t ask), some with chains, and some with a lot of oil. If you are picked (and willing) to go onstage… good luck.

All I can say, is WOW. I went to the opening night, and now I’ve visited 5/6 weeks later and both nights have been SO much fun. Some might find it cheesy, some might find it ridiculous, but I don’t and that’s that! If you want a taste of what’s involved, definitely have a browse through their Instagram page as they regularly upload photos and have a live stream most nights. It’s like almost being there, except you’re not…

Let loose, let go and enjoy. If you wanna continue the night, some cities have a party bus afterwards and I would LOVE to know what goes on… But some things must be kept a mystery after all.

Perfect for hen parties, birthdays, girls night out OR just for a little fun… I’m already thinking of spending my NYE here…

Don’t forget your faux dollars, you can make it rain without a tropical storm hitting the UK… OR You can book your tickets here and follow their social media channels here:

Char xo

*This was actually my second time here (I went on the opening night for a hen do) and let’s just say, WHAT HAPPENS AT CHOCOLATE CITY STAYS THERE. 

*Also, please note that my tickets were complimentary but all views are my own and if you know me, I live by the mantra of living your best life. 

I honestly think I’m in love.

11 thoughts on “Memoirs: A Night at Chocolate City – Event Roundup

      1. lmaooooo upload them to like vimeo or vidme and just share the links on your blog so you can keep it blog sfw haha…looks like you had a good time, was thinking of going and wanted to see if its worth it ❤

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