Musings: Just How Much £30 Gets You At Chemist4U…

Turns out £30 at Chemist4U gets you a lot… I mean look:

Here is exactly what I ordered:

£30 (well £29.83) goes a LONG way…


In order to live my ‘champagne lifestyle, lemonade budget’, you gotta skimp sometimes and I love a bargain. If you’ve never heard of Chemist 4 U before, they’re an online pharmacy providing a huge range of treatments, and my favourite, beauty and skincare products. Not only that, literally everything is discounted. It does sound to good to be true right BUT the delivery service is super quick, so you’ll be back to health in no time. Here is a little lowdown of what I got…


Looking at these pictures is a a reminder that I won’t need to purchase a bottle of shampoo until 2059 or any hair oil either. I’d reviewed Natural World products in the past and was really impressed with their vast range and quality of the products.



£2.99 for OPI nail polish. STOP THE PRESSES.

These bottles were a quarter of their usual retail price of £12 and if you’re a fan of the brand, you’d know just how good quality they are. I opted for two autumnal shades to see me through this season.


If I haven’t said a million times already, I’m going to Mexico in a couple of weeks and one of these bars will be coming with me… as well as the first aid kit because I am a hot mess.


The Winnie the Pooh bubble bath was a wild choice as I’m clearly 7, not 27.


Because I need to exfoliate.

Living in London means I live with pollution as a constant hazard to my skin therefore my T-Zone needs a little TLC.


You can never have too many cotton buds or cotton wool. Perfect for make up mistakes and make up removal and let’s, be honest, it’s all the same no matter what brand you use.

Char xo

I was able to order products up to the value of £30 for this post but as ever, all views are my own. 


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