Musings: My 2018 Travel Bucket list

I love bucket lists and when it comes to travelling, I just can’t get it enough. I wrote about a few places I wanted to visit a year or so ago here and here  and whilst I may not have visited them, it doesn’t mean I can’t create more lists right? It’s interesting that the older you get, the places you want to visit change, you may become less interested in certain destinations and more inclined to others. Here is my list for 2018 and hopefully it’ll lend you some inspiration too and be able to tick them off in a year’s time.


I’ve been watching South Park since I was 8 years old and frankly it’s probably why I need a swear jar….I long to do a really cold holiday where I can embrace ski wear, layers upon layers and all the faux fur I can buy. I would probably go all out and stay in one of the mansions in Colorado because life is for living, and if I can gather enough friends, it’d be cheaper than staying in a hotel. Plus, that means it would feel a little more like home. One of the reasons I want to visit Colorado is the Rockies, and feeling like a true traveller by making the most of the outdoors with fishing, skiing and winding down in a spa afterwards…

New York

Can I really add it to my bucket list if I’ve been before? Hell yes. I went to NYC in February 2016, and whilst it was all kings of magical, I long to go back on a solo trip. I’ve rewatched Sex and the City enough times to know that NYC will be my date. There are so many areas each unique and with their own personalities that you’d need time on your side to explore. I do often regret going to places for just 5-7 days as it doesn’t give you enough time to get under the skin of a city. Next time, I’ll be strolling around Greenwich Village a la Carrie Bradshaw and hanging on the Met steps like Blair Waldorf. Just gotta make sure my selfie stick is long enough.


I was almost going to book Bali for my November trip (decided on Mexico instead) but decided against it due to the distance and the amount of time I was going to spend there. The flight, or shall I say flights from London are roughly 8 hours each, stopping in Dubai or Doha to change, making the journey time up to a day, give or take. But from what I’ve heard and seen about Bali, it sounds like all kinds of magic, from the resorts, to the beaches to the food. I reckon if I visited this part of the globe, I’d need at least 2-3 weeks to get over the jetlag and sync in to Bali life.

Image sourced from Unsplash


One of my blogger buddies, Jodie, visited Bucharest this year and whilst I was never interested in visiting before, I certainly am now… It is the capital of Romania, located in Eastern Europe and famed for it’s gorgeous architecture and very cheap beer. I would love to get to know this place more and conquer my Eastern European fear of the cold!

Image sourced from Unsplash


Often seen as a destination for couples, Santorini is still in my mind, even as a single person. Perhaps I’m leading a double life, who knows? But Santorini looks like absolute BLISS. From the eternally white buildings, to the views of the ocean, if I go, I do think I’ll be leaving. Hello Greek food and culture.

These are from an old blog post, but they very much apply:

Cigars, old cars and Bacardi are just a few of the things you can experience in this beautiful island. As much as I love a city, Cuba is as far away from a concrete jungle as you can get. Perhaps this is why I want to go? As much as I love the digital world, it scares me that I barely look at the sky anymore. My face is glued to my iPhone, iPad and MacBook, pretty much 24/7… I would love to sample some Cuban food, explore the wildlife and take a Salsa lesson or two. Would you?


The closest I have got to Venice is staying at the very impressive Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. As beautiful as it was, I was all too aware that Venice had been brought to me on a plate. Even though I live in London, Europe is practically on my doorstep – I really haven’t explored it much. I’m hoping next year to do more city breaks and explore this unchartered territory that is Venice. Famed as a romantic destination, I reckon Venice is somewhere I would like to visit alone, take a gondola ride, sample the food and explore the spiralling alleys. How gorgeous would Venice be in Winter?




I’ve been to the US around 10 or 15 times (I’ve lost count), but Seattle, Washington, has been on my radar for a while. Whilst it may not be as popular as such as destinations NYC, Vegas or LA, Seattle is famed for its beautiful skyline, having a real neighbourhood feel and tons of art museums. This sounds like the perfect place for solo travel and I bet the panoramic views from the world famous Space Needle are to die for! Watch this space (ha) for the Seattle diaries…

Where will 2018 take you? Let me know by commenting below.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post. 


40 thoughts on “Musings: My 2018 Travel Bucket list

  1. Awesome list. NYC is a favorite of mine. Of course I’m partial…lived there for 7 years. Great memories. Hmm …I don’t have a 2018 bucket list however in general I’d love to visit Atlanta, GA, Northern California, Paris, Italy and the Bahamas.

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  2. I’m loving your list! I went to NYC about 3 years ago and I fell in love, not only did I see the city but also the country. My best friends mom lives north of NYC so it was the best of both worlds. Ohh Venice & Colorado, eek! I’d love those too.


  3. Thanks for some great inspiration! Of your list, I would love to get to Bucharest and I would also love to get back to Bali – it’s been ten years since I’ve been there so long overdue! I am going to Laos in January which I’m really excited for – another country that’s been on my list a long time! 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh, I’d completely forgotten how close 2018 was getting… thanks for the reminder! 😐 I love this list, it’s got such variety! As an Australian, it’s still weird to see travel blogs listing Bali as a dream destination (for us, it’s closer than the other coast of our own country, and it’s kind of like our Miami or Las Vegas – for partying and drinking and not much else) – it’s a nice reminder that there’s so much more to the island, and Indonesia as a whole.

    This year, I made a major career shift (from full-time corporate sellout to full-time starving artist), so I’m not sure my bank account will stretch to travel beyond my own neighbourhood in 2018, sadly… but in an ideal world, I’d love to go to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, maybe Laos and/or Cambodia. I’m also powerless to resist returning to Thailand any chance I get, I really love it there. Looking further out, a retreat on the Greek Islands would be amazing, and (fingers crossed) I’ll get to return to Israel (where I honeymooned with my husband) for our 10 year anniversary. Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Such an interesting perspective on Bali, its crazy how close some places are us in different parts of the globe and how different our opinions are on them! Fingers crossed your art pays off this year and you get to return to Israel! x


  5. I have only one trip booked for now, Istanbul in April. I have been 4 times there already and this time I am bringing my grandmother with me to see the Turkish tulip festival. Got the tickets and now have to book the hotel! It was a great deal, just 130 eur per person for a return flight, so it’s also not breaking my bank 🙂

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  6. Great list – when your ready to come to Seattle, let me know – I’ll show you the sites. And suggest you also head to the mountains (of course) and it’s an easy boat ride to Vancouver, Canada as well. Might as well make the most of it. 🙂 New York is also a favorite of mine and like you, Cuba is something I now want to add to my bucket list. My first international trip (when I turned 50) was ITALY – still a huge favorite and I want to go back to see more of. So many choices, so little money. LOL


  7. This an awesome list…due to how my work is scheduled sincerely I’m new at my job I won’t be able to travel the way I’d like 😦 but I do have a travel bucket list, it’s wayyy too extensive for me to list lol but I Bali, santorini, Venice and Cuba are in my list. Safe travels!

    xx Lena


      1. Planning a Dec trip with my mate. We’ve been going back and forth between Bali, Kenya, Zanzibar and a whole lotta other places. I went to Thailand last year, and she wanted to go this year so we ruled that out.


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