Musings: My Scuba Diving Sea List [With Simply Scuba]

This time of year I start thinking about how much I’ve achieved (or not), how far I’ve got to go and what else I want to do with my life. Scuba diving has been on my list for the longest while. In the past few years I’ve gotten over my fear of open sea water and much like my star sign (Cancer), I’m happy when around water, but I am no wet blanket. When writing my 2018 bucket list the other week, I mentioned a few places I want to visit but here I am with a few more, particularly with a scuba diving focus. Here goes…


Barbados was the first place I conquered my fear of open water by jumping off of a boat (it was a pirate ship actually called The Jolly Rodger). It only makes sense I include it on my list right?

Barbados’ isn’t a place you’d automatically think of when it comes to scuba diving but with water temperatures of 25C to 28C all year round, you’ll be jumping into the ocean in no time. There are actually a few wrecks around and an underwater marine park called Carlisle Bay Marine Park.

Who needs a slide?


Another place I’ve been to is Dubai and whilst I’m still not sure how I feel about my experience there as a whole, I would love to go back for one thing, scuba diving. The manmade version available in the incredible Atlantis hotel but there are even more incredible dive destinations off  the Gulf of Oman. I will be shouting OH MAN when it’s time to leave. It’s humbling to think that there are so many shipwrecks across the globe waiting to be discovered and the tales that go with them.

Sunset, Dubai
Not quite the sea, but it could be if you squint…

Cape Verde

I guess it’s a reoccurring theme that I’ve actually been to the destinations that are on my bucket list for scuba diving but you only really get under the skin of a place if you visit more than once right? Cape Verde consists of 15 islands and whilst I have only been to Sal and I am eager to go back for more. The geographical location is pretty insane when you think about it, no wonder they call it the African Caribbean and with no rainy season, it makes perfect for diving. I’m not sure what lies in this part of the Atlantic when it comes to scuba diving but I do know that there is SO much to discover.

After all that diving, I’d need a cocktail right?

But guess what, you can’t go scuba diving without wetsuits right? That’s where Simply Scuba come in and with free delivery when you spend over £50 you’ll be working it under water in no time.

An accurate representation of how I pack


And if I haven’t mentioned it a billion times already, I’m off to Mexico in a couple of days, so you may just see me conquering the realm of scuba diving sooner thank you think.

Have you ever been scuba diving? What is on your ‘sea’ list? Let me know by commenting below!

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Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Simply Scuba, but of course, all views are my own. 


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