Musings: How I’ll #StrollInto2018 [With InnTravel]

We have less than 40 days until 2018 approaches and it has got me thinking about my travel plans and if the way I will travel will change?

Frankly, I need it take it a little easier. I like to maximise my annual leave and this often leaves me feeling overtired rather than well rested after travelling. Next year, I definitely plan on slowing it down whether it be in the UK or abroad. I need to realise that I don’t need to see all the sites in one day. If anything taking it easier by slowing down allows one to soak in the culture and ambience a little more.

Inntravel have been providing travellers with walking holidays in and around Europe since the late 80s and there is something for every amateur. Whether you enjoy the occasional walk or you are a frequenter, you can enjoy a self-guided tour at your own pace. Best of all, your luggage is transported ahead of you, so no need to worry about dragging your suitcase through the woods, jungle or wherever you end up.

Best of all, Inntravel is committed to the environment, whilst supporting sustainability and the use of public transport where possible. Using your legs is as sustainable as you can get, right?

The run up to Christmas always involves society and the media always telling us to overindulge, treat ourselves and spend too much. Whereas in January we are told to do the exact opposite – save money, detox and lose our weight we put on over the holidays.

New Years Eve is personally for me a day of reflection about how far I’ve come whether it be mental, physical or via my achievements. Typically I spend my night celebrating or drowning our sorrows (depends on our year) in a local pub before heading up to Central London. Ironically, my night usually involves lots of walking due to roadblocks and the quest for a bar. Not quite the walking travels I have in mind.


The best way to see in those travel and fitness resolutions you may have is to book a walking trip. Imagine having sunnier climes to look forward to at the end of cold miserable January other than Christmas bills? Sign me up any day! You can check out what New Year breaks Inntravel has to offer here.

Here are a few reasons why New Year is the perfect time to escape and book a walking holiday: 

  • Time to think
  • Time to breathe
  • Time to explore
  • Time to take it all in or let it all out
  • Time for exercise at your own pace

How will you #StrollInto2018? Let me know by commenting below or  over on Twitter with the hashtag #StrollInto2018.


Char xo

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Inntravel


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