I have always wanted to go to Iceland and I don’t mean the supermarket we have here in the UK, I mean the beautiful country only a 3-hour flight away from London that inhabits some of the most unique and lush landscapes on the planet. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can see the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) dance across the horizon. Even if these lights don’t come out to play, there are a whole host of reasons to visit Iceland and here are some of mine…

The Blue Lagoon

You’ve probably seen the infamous Blue Lagoon spluttered on your timeline a thousand times but it’s no wonder, right? It is indeed a wonder… A geothermic spa using nature’s very best seawater will have your skin feeling like a wonder in no time. I always wondered how the water is so blue and it turns out it is a mix of algae, silica and minerals, but apparently its the reflection of the sun that makes it so. After being out in the cold all day (It’s not called Iceland for no reason), I can imagine the Blue Lagoon would undo the harsh realities the colder climate would do to my dry skin.



The Landscapes

The only landscapes my life in London offers me is grey, miserable and littered with pigeons… Nothing like the beauty Iceland has to offer. I’ve never really been interested in hiking much before, but with views like this, it has definitely made me want to invest in some gear.

From the ice caves, the magical waterfalls and the active volcanoes, I can’t imagine how incredible they are to see in the flesh. The volcanoes are contrasted by the vast amount of glaciers which is understandable as to why this place gets the nickname ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’. Ice see what you did there Iceland. I just can’t wait to go snowmobiling on a glacier in Iceland and feel the wind on my skin… as long as hat doesn’t come off.

One thing that stands out to me about this incredible country is its commitment to sustainability, from living off of the land to its promise to stop using fossil fuels by the year 2050. Some may say it is due to its unique geographical location, but Iceland are thought leaders when it comes to sustainability.

This would be perfect place to get those perfect wild Instagram shots.

The Northern Lights

I know I mentioned the Northern Lights in the introduction to my post, but can we simply appreciate this view? I have heard so many wondrous things about it and you are extremely lucky if they make an appearance. Some say it’s best to visit during the Winter months when skies are darker but other suggest Spring is best. All I know is that whenever I visit, if they do decide to show, I don’t think I’ll be able to leave after being mesmerised by a view like this…

Not only that, have you heard of the Midnight Sun? Sounds like a juxtaposition to most; the moon doesn’t rear its head at the height of day, but things are a little different in the North Atlantic. Throughout Summer, between May and July, the sun is visible in Iceland for most of the day… and night. Can you imagine seeing the full brightness of the sun at 2am? I can’t either but it does make me wonder if it will make me skip the jet lag or the hangover, or both? That leads me nicely on to…

The Food

Icelandic cuisiine mainly consists of lamb, diary and of course… fish. I would love to try the popular ‘Hot Spring Rye Bread’ which has a particularly sweet taste. From doing a little research, you can cook it overnight on a spring and pick it up the next day. I’ll have mine with a little butter or fish like a true local. Speaking of… 

The Wildlife

After spending all my days exploring glaciers and relaxing in The Blue Lagoon, I would love to see the the wildlife in and around Iceland in their natural habitat.

Whales are the biggest creatures on this planet right? In the North Atlantic, whales can be seen more often than the Northern Lights and it would be lovely to feel small observing something for once. Not only that, there are plenty of puffin watching activities on offer and I reckon I’d need to add in an extra day for Iceland’s wildlife.

I couldn’t finishing this post without attempting to immerse myself in Iceland’s rich and diverse culture… 

The Museums

I’ve never received my Hogwarts letter but the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft may just be the closest thing I will get to the world of wizardry in this day and age. Often a taboo subject in the past, it would be interesting to see and understand how sorcery was implemented or shunned away…

Time now to book those flights, order some skiwear and layer up for my trip to Iceland.

Have you been to Iceland? Do you have any tips and recommendations for when I go? 

Char xo

Images sourced from Unsplash. 


Written by memoirsmusings (Char)

I don't know what to write here but I like travelling, Nando's and black hair dye. I am slowly compiling my memoirs...and a few musings along the way. ✈️


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