Memoirs: Why I Fell In Love With Mexico

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Luxury Retreats. 
I came back from Mexico two weeks ago and I am longing to go back. I only spent a week and frankly it wasn’t long enough but it was long enough for me to fall in love with the people, the food and the rich heritage. If I’m honest, Mexico had never really been at the top of my bucket list BUT I’m so glad I put my desire to go to a particular place aside, and took a chance on somewhere else. 

Where I Stayed

I stayed in your typical all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, but I can only dream of what it would be like to stay in one of the luxury homes in Mexico. Imagine having your own space without the constant threat of any hotel staff or other guests disturbing you? Pure bliss if you ask me. There are plenty of luxury homes available to rent in Puerto Vallarta and I can only imagine running off with a group of friends… or a lover. I would just need the number for some good takeout. 

If you’re not familiar with Puerto Vallarta, it’s located on the West side of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean’s Banderas Bay, to be specific. When booking, it was a question of whether I wanted a party holiday in Cancun, the Caribbean influence or the chilled out shores of Puerto Vallarta. Surprisingly it was cheaper to go further and frankly I liked the risk of going somewhere I had never really heard of before. The risk paid off and even though the flight was 12 hours long, every waking moment of my trip was breathtaking. To be fair, I slept pretty well too.

 The Food

Could I ever have written this post without sharing a photo of a giant bowl of guacamole? And you’re probably going to think I’m in insane but I hate avocados on their own but I make an exception for some guac. On my travels, I actually got the chance to go on an offload adventure which involved a tortilla making class and seeing guacamole made from scratch.

The secret ingredient was love. I’ll be marking September 16th as a public holiday in my diary as it’s National Guacamole Day.

I can’t just talk about guacamole without mentioning how fresh the seafood was. I have never really tried crab before so I had an opportunity to at dinner one night and I was absolutely delighted. This here is Blue Stuffed Crab which is crabbed stuffed in crab. Barbaric but tasty…

What I found most interesting from visiting Mexico is how much they use what is on the land and around them to eat and cure ailments. Instead of going to the local pharmacy, all they need to do is head outside to the lush vegetation that has the cure to everything they need. It’s a huge contrast to my life here in London where everything requires a trip to the doctors or pharmacist.

The People

Of anywhere I’ve travelled in the world, Mexican people are the warmest, funniest and friendliest people I have ever met. They are proud of their heritage and it really comes through in their rich cultural traditions. There were a few instances where my friend and I had trouble getting to a place called Sayulita as we had no cell reception but the locals on the buses were more than happy to help. At one point, a lady took us exactly to the bus stop we needed to be at. They say the South is famous for its hospitality, but you may want to head a little West for some Mexican hospitality.

One day I will be back for Cinco de Mayo

The Views

With views like this, it’s easy to see why I fell in love with Mexico right? Looking through this feed on the National Geographic is giving me some serious wanderlust right now and it’s only a matter of time before I have my flights booked. There is SO much to this beautiful country ready to be explored, from Mexico City, Tulum, Riveria Maya and the party destination that is Cancun. I would love to explore it all and show some love to undiscovered towns and villages along the way. Could I possibly find even better guacamole than I had in Puerto Vallarta? Or perhaps different areas have their own spin on guacamole? I heard that even the tortilla varies upon the region according to what the corn is like. Black tortillas anyone? That’d make all your followers on Instagram green with guacamole (I mean envy).

The Happiness

I suffer from destination happiness, which if you’ve never heard of is essentially falling in love with a place, a thing e.g job. Essentially it’s a pre-occupation with the idea that nothing will make me happier than being away from my everyday surroundings. Puerto Vallarta brought me happiness like no other place I’ve been before. It was strange to wake up without that niggling feeling of having to do something with my day or ‘make the most of it’ as most say you should do when you’re travelling. Sometimes you just have to listen to the altruistic voice in your brain and do what you want to do rather than what you think you need to do.

Have you been to Mexico before? Did you fall in love with it as much as I did?

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Luxury Retreats. 


16 thoughts on “Memoirs: Why I Fell In Love With Mexico

  1. Loved your post! That is so amazing that someone was able to help you and take you to the exact bus stop I’d probably be freaking out.
    There really is so much to offer in the country. The first place I visited was Cozumel and we visited the ruins at Tulum! We’re going back in February to check out Cancun.

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  2. Your photos are stunning! and the food looks and sounds amazing! I have never been to Mexico but from what I am reading, i could fall in love too! xx corinne

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved reading this post, especially because Mexico is on my bucketlist – but I don’t think I’d want to go to the party side of the island, I’m more of a relaxing holiday type of girl. Your pictures are great, and the food looks so good. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip there 🙂

    Holly x

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