Musings: A Mental Clear-out

That awkward period between Christmas and New Year got me thinking about what I wanna do next. The problem with me is that there is so many things I want to do I find it hard to pick and just ‘settle’ on one particular thing. I went to uni and changed course after a year. I worked in what I thought would be my dream industry and closed the door on that too. So what exactly does Char wanna do next?  

Do you ever really need to know the definite answer about
what you wanna do?
I’m not sure. Part of me wants to travel the world full time but the other part knows I suffer from destination happiness so that wouldn’t be the key to me being happy. Over the past few days I even considered packing in blogging altogether but here I am…


I have dreams of launching my own cosmetics line and writing a novel but are these just dreams for the moment? Perhaps, but what I am gonna do this month is reflect, some of which I’ve done by:

Clearing out my phone

I deleted numbers, photos and apps I didn’t need anymore. If I see a +44 number trying to message me this year, all they’re gonna get is air.

Turning off notifications

This is a hard one as you never know when an emergency will happen but I’ve turned off my notifications for Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for the moment. We’ve gone from living in a world where we used to communicate face to face to now everything being so instant. I want to reply to things in my own time this year, so if you think I’m ignoring you, I probably am. Or I’m asleep.

Clearing out my room

I had to be brutal when clearing out my room last week, but I ended up with four black bags full to the brim ready to go to the charity shop. If I hadn’t worn it in the past year, it no longer fit or was in shreds, it was going.  At the end of the day, clothes and objects are just material things and it’s amazing how much ‘lighter’ you can feel when they’re removed from your everyday view. I do have a ton of stuff going on eBay/Depop in the next couple of weeks including lots or brand new make up, so do comment below if you want my username!

Pressing the unfollow/mute button

This one might sound a little ruthless, but I began muting and unfollowing those who I couldn’t connect with on Twitter and Instagram. Unless I have a personal connection with you on the ‘Gram, I really find it hard to engage with content. With Twitter, I guess its a little different and the mute button works wonders. Sometimes if something no longer has a purpose or doesn’t serve a purpose in your life, it has to go.

Even though I feel a little conflicted now, January is the best month to figure things out; I have a solo trip booked at the end of this month so I have space to reflect and think properly. What I do know I want is:
  • A snatched body
  • A healthy bank account
  • Peace of mind
 Basically,  I just wanna be successful, so I’ll leave you with  a Drake classic, aptly called ‘Successful’…

Char xo



10 thoughts on “Musings: A Mental Clear-out

  1. Go girl, go for your dreams. I do agree that we are now so focused on social media that we forget about having face to face communication. Especially me, as I work in social as the day to day. I too wish I could travel the world all the time. But alas, I am still waiting for my sugar Daddy to finance that.

    This year will be the year of cosmetics line. All in all, a wise woman once said, you can have everything you want but just not at the same time. So you’ll get what you want eventually.


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  2. I always switch off from social media whenever I’m in a state or phase of reflection because it tends to over crowd the mind and shifts our thinking to what we know we need vs what the world says we need. hope 2018 gets better for you

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