Musings: 5 Cardi B Quotes to Get You Through Life

I don’t know about you but Cardi B’s glow up in 2017 is inspiring and I cannot stop listening to her music.

At first I was like ‘What is a Cardi B?‘ but I remebered she had infilitrated my IG feed for years and I’d always caught snippets of her on Love and Hip Hop. With a name like Cardi B (Her sister’s name is Hennesy Carolina for one), I think we all knew she was destined for fame. Whilst some of her views may appear problematic, there is something about Cardi B’s personality that is raw, infectious and real. She is a straight up New Yorker (My favourite place in the world), isn’t afraid to rock some Fashion Nova and frankly she’s my new favourite rapper.

1) Bodak Yellow


It’s okay to be comfortable in your surroundings, a relationship or a job BUT it’s also important to not get too comfortable. Not to be the bearer of bad news but does anything really last forever? You can be made redundant, dumped or lose a vital thing that keeps you sane at any moment. So its important to always plan ahead, be smart with your money and be real with yourself.

2) Motorsport 

‘Same lips that be talkin’ ’bout me
Is the same lips that be ass kissin’

Right, so this is a bit of a random one but it’s funny how the ones that talk about you love you at the same time right? They’re always checking up on you and watching your every move. I think they call this a FAN. 

3) It’s all about that shmoney, you know what I’m saying’?

My mood for 2018, time to stack those coins and live bouji on a budget. 

4) Bartier Cardi

Red bottom MJ
Moonwalk on a b*tch, moonwalkin’ through your clique
I’m moonwalkin’ in the 6

Moonwalking is the hardest thing on the planet next to understanding how to use the Northern line. Embrace who you are, embrace your flaws (if you can) or just fake it to you make it and moonwalk all over those enemies of progression. 

5) I’m just a regular schmegular degular girl from the Bronx

No matter happens to us in life, we all end up with the same fate. Be humble.


Char xo

Gifs sourced from GIPHY as usual, they do not belong to me. 


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