Musings: Why I’m in Love With Soft Glam

Every now and then there is a beauty product that pulls at my heartstrings (and my purse strings) and life doesn’t really make sense until it’s in my hands. I’m aware that my content is all over the place, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write about what I love. And beauty is just one of them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is probably my favourite make up brand and apart from Nars, they’re the ones that really excite me. I remember purchasing the Brow Definer and a few other bits on my trip to Vegas back in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since. Their liquid lipstick formula is second to none, their brow products have given my little caterpillars new meaning but their new palette has a special place in my heart and my eyes.

Its warm and fuzzy too…

Sadly, the visuals for the Soft Glam were leaked BUT I guess it made all the hype around it all worth it. I loved the Modern Renaissance palette and the eyeshadows were highly pigmented, felt like butter and looked blended when applied. The only way MR could be topped with a nude sister… well nude tones that is.

I’m in love with the Soft Glam palette because:

  • The colours are WOC friendly (I wrote a post on diversity in beauty which is a must read if I do say so)
  • They blend like a dream
  • They work well alone, on top of each other and with the other palettes (Subculture and Modern Renaissance)
  • The shimmers can be used as a highlighter
  • ‘Noir’ doubles as an eyeliner
  • Perfect for day
  • Perfect for night
  • I’d probably use (IF) I am betrothed
  • Nude tones make me feel all warm inside (Remember this post?)

Now for some visuals…

I’m NC45 for reference and this is an interesting tattoo that reminds me of when I was dumb and young. I’m still dumb but not young…
Am I a fully fledged beauty blogger now? This is the FIRST time I have done swatches!

How it compares to it’s siblings Subculture and Modern Renaissance…

How do I feel about my brows here? I’m not sure still… is the thick life for me? But ignore them for the moment and concentrate on the sunset that is my eyes…

Yo, you got any games on your phone?
Forever taking photos in inappropriate places. Forever realising there is mascara on my lid. Forever realising I’M TIRED. P.S. I hate the tube… check out my commuter quirks post here.

My only gripe is the price; it’s £43 on the UK website but $43 on the US website (which would be about £30 depending on the exchange rate). Anyway, I bought it regardless! You can purchase on their website, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty etc. 

What beauty or skincare products are you loving lately?

You can check out all my beauty posts here. Or if you prefer my travel stuff, it’s here, or you want a peak into my life, my lifestyle stuff is here.


Char xo


10 thoughts on “Musings: Why I’m in Love With Soft Glam

  1. I really love the look of this palette but I’m trying so hard not to spend anymore money on makeup at the minute, it is killing me though as I really want this! I love my Modern Renaissance palette it’s my favourite one ever so I need this in my life!

    Jess xx


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