Musings: 7 Tips To Have A Relaxing and Productive Flight

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Latest Deals but all views are my own. 

1. First Class Darling

Book a first class ticket… Some planes even have showers and I can only imagine how different it would feel to arrive in a new destination feeling fresh. One day I guess… Flying first class is productive (and relaxing) as you’re waited on hand and foot. You often get wi-fi (depending on the plane and airline), can have a proper sleep and arrive to your destination feeling revived instead of restless.

2. To the Window

If you can’t do step one (like the majority of the planet, me included), well especially on budget airlines on RyanAir on EasyJet, a window seat is the closest you’ll get to luxury, unless you’re on a flight full of your mortal enemies. I hate the middle seat with a passion and an aisle seat is bad for its own reasons. Window seats offer a little more space and views like this make you feel whole again:

3. Comfort

Make sure you have thick socks, plane floors aren’t the cleanest but there is a real risk on DVT if you keep your shoes on for the whole flight. I always swell up after a long-haul flight so I’ve ditched restricted clothing like jeans and tight tops and gone for gym-wear or pyjama-like clothing. Layers are key too as the air in the cabin is recycled and generally cold. This was if you’re too hot you can take some off or if you’re cold, you can throw some on. I always travel with a big blanket size scarf as this doubles as a blanket (obviously).

4. Reading

Do we ever really get time to read anymore? I find that when I do it’s either on the beach or on a plane. My life in London feels all too hectic and I don’t know if I can ever really relax here whereas flying is a place of solace, where I can find some quiet to tune and become emotionally attached to a good story. At the moment I’ve just started reading Ultima, the final in the Maestra series, which I’ve reviewed here.

5. Gaming

Much like reading, I never get a chance to actually relax and play a game, even playing them on your phone can be stressful for me as I’ll find myself wanting to go through my whole camera for some reason? I’ve been thinking about going old school (or new) and getting a Nintendo Switch.

6. Catch up on emails

Kind Regards, Charlotte.

E-mails are boring but you can truly zone out and respond to them on a flight, and not need to worry about anyone bothering you either. Unless the baby from flight 56F has an accident…

7. Sleep

A neck pillow is key for this and try and book a window seat if you can OR if funds permit, refer to tip number one. Sleep is productive because it will help with jet-lag and get you ready for your adventures.

How do you relax on a flight? 

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Latest Deals but all views are my own.  Gifs sourced from GIPHY. 

10 thoughts on “Musings: 7 Tips To Have A Relaxing and Productive Flight

  1. We’ve all been there with the child from 56F haha!! Though I have to admit, wine is usually my first go-to on a flight to relax. I am a nervous flyer as well so always ensure I have headphones and a very calming play list haha!!

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