Musings: Things We Might Be Tired Of Seeing On Instagram

Right, so before all the trolls come after me and this post, if you scroll through my Instagram I’m probably guilty of half the things I said I’m tired of seeing on the ‘gram.

Life was a little simpler when we took photos and had to wait weeks for the film to develop. Maybe I’m showing signs of my age (Late 20s crew over here) but Instagram has gone from taking grainy photos on your phone to full-blown photoshoots. Whilst I do respect that for some its a career (make your money people), what happens if the app gets deleted one day? Is your career then over? 

 Anyway, I did have a few contributions for this post so it doesn’t seem like I’m the one complaining observing; we all have preferences. 


Did you lose an earring? Is there money on the floor? Is your shoe dirty?

We’ll never know.


Throwback to Miami 2016. Just go again please!?!

#ThrowbackThursday Paris 🇫🇷 [#trippinwithchar]

A post shared by CHAR XO ✈️🏹⚜️ (@char_x.o) on

I’m on the fence about throwbacks because if I’ve paid £££s for a trip best believe I will be infilitrating your timelines for eternity. BUT some people do like to dwell on that ONE holiday a little too much for my liking, just book another please and give me something new to see other than the saaaaaaaaaame pic with the saaaaaame caption.

  • Take me back
  • Need a holiday
  • Missing Miami 


Give us some substance PLEASEEEE. Cherene’s blog is coming soon, check out her IG here.
The follow me poses are SOOOO OVERDONE. Ella’s IG on the other hand is travel GOALS, follow her here. 


Motivational in your tweets but a mess in the streets. Practice what you preach before Instagram gets you impeached.

Check out Johnny’s travel blog here.

💭👌🏽M I N D S E T 🔑

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I am guilty of a little too many posting motivational quotes BUT I only post ones I can truly identify with. Plus, you never know who is watching and might need that little boost to their day. I guess its how you consume them but I see some motives quotes posted by people I know and I guess this meme sums it up perfectly:


You know the brand I’m talking about. I feel like they just popped up from nowhere and now every fashion blogger I follow has their waist adorned with crime scene tape.



Throw a floral wall up, kitsch crockery and some neon lights in a space and you’ll have a queue wrapped round the block. Whilst these places are cute and all, what about the places that don’t care about aesthetics and are all about the service and food instead? I guess that’s food for thought.


One time me and Becky met up for McDonald’s. Best blogger date ever. Check out her Twitter here.


There is nothing wrong with editing your pictures, a little smoothing, fine tuning and colour correcting never hurt anyone. However, sometimes some of us get a little heavy-handed with the HDR filter, the defocus tool and I don’t know what’s real or fake anymore.


If I’ve paid $70 for steak and lobster, it’s getting its own post. I don’t care. BUT sometimes, as my anonymous contributor suggested:

I'll have the steak… and the lobster… 🎉 [#trippinwithchar]

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Right, this is nothing personal, but sometimes I see some people’s kids so much I feel like I should be raising them. Balance it out, show me a view once in a while and just think, those kids are going to be a generation with a digital footprint. Do you want them to be able to Google themselves and see every part of their childhood documented online? I know I wouldn’t and whilst you can delete photos (apparently), screenshots last forever.

The only baby I enjoy seeing is Olympia (Serena Williams’ baby) because she is the CUTEST THING EVER.



I saw something floating around on Twitter on the weekend that some bloggers (I don’t know who) order a huge spread of food… just for *that* shot. But worst of all… it doesn’t get eaten. This is problematic for so many reasons, it raises issues about eating disorders (which I’m not going to discuss on my blog because it’s beauty, lifestyle and travel) but it also how much of a wasteful society we live in. I’m not here to preach but best believe if I’ve ordered some food, I’m gonna spend 10 secs taking my photo, then I’m going to inhale it.


Goals goals goals. We never know what goes on behind an image so calling something goals when we don’t know the reality is pretty stupid. As a society, I guess we tend to focus on highlights and achievements instead of the mundane boring stuff like ‘I got toothpaste on my shirt’ or ‘The dog threw up’. Would we put moments on Instagram with the relevant hashtags? I’m not sure. I guess its the say way our parents or guardians captured moments of us as kids, the highlights. So what I’m getting at is that yes its okay to share highlights but instead of avocado on sourdough toast, how about show me some Coco Pops once in a while.

There is a definite line we’re crossing as a generation of social media users. I touched on it a couple of years ago when I wrote my post called ‘Overexposed’. To quote myself:

“How much time do we spend trying to document our lives via social media than actually trying to live them?

Sometimes you gotta unplug yourself and go out there and live.”

– Quoting myself from an old blog post.

Anyway, when it comes to Instagram, it’s just pictures. Pictures mean a thousand words. So if you wanna look at the floor, pose outside a house you don’t live or plaster your baby all over the timeline, who am I to judge when I could just unfollow.

The End.

You also might wanna read ‘My Drunken Thoughts on the Bloggersphere‘ if you’ve made it this far.

Char xo

Gifs from GIPHY of course. The Mr Krabs meme is ironically Instagram.

I don’t think Tanya from Glam Glitz Gloss quite understood my question…


4 thoughts on “Musings: Things We Might Be Tired Of Seeing On Instagram

  1. I enjoyed reading this Char, I always wonder th same things –
    One thing I’d like to add is make up tutorials – I can’t stand seeing them anymore. They were good when they were a new thing and we all learnt new skills but damn !


  2. This was an awesome read, spent half of it chuckling and nodding. We’ve all been guilty of these things in the past but I do miss the individuality on Instagram, it’s all become a bit samey. Hopefully it’ll swing back the other way!

    Honestly Aine

    Liked by 1 person

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