About Me

Memoirs & Musings

This blog came about in a WhatsApp conversation debating the many trials of life (as usual) with a good friend. I originally thought this would be a book, but with it being 2017 – an online audience seemed fitting. I have always had opinions on modern life, my past, present and  future experiences, so what better way to define them as ‘Memoirs & Musings’.

Memoirs being my actual real life experiences and Musings being my thoughts on a plethora of topics.



I hope this blog provides an insight in to my mind and the way it works; the beauty of a blog is that it is an open platform to explore your thoughts, feelings and anything you come across.

I love being able to share my thoughts, not just on the usual blogger subjects like make-up and fashion, but on things we’re all thinking of but rarely comment on. I don’t want this to become a typical beauty or fashion blog, even though I am interested in those subjects, I want to discuss it from a different angle – my angle. So the predominant category for my blog would be lifestyle, writing about my life and the styles I like through food, fashion, music, travel and anything else that crosses my path.


Do take a look through my blog and let me know what you think (leave your links too!). Any feedback or comments would be much appreciated. I do have the occasional guest post from  Nadine over at FlourishingPetal.

Click here if you would like to get in contact or find out more about me!

Thanks very much for reading.

Char xo     


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. An interesting name for your blog, girls πŸ™‚ I like it already. I can’t wait to read your posts. Also, it’s nice to meet you both Nads and Char, my name is Janice πŸ™‚

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