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I absolutely LOVE hearing from my blog readers – any comment, like or just feedback means so much.

If you have a question or need to enquire about something on the blog, please feel free to drop me line using the form below or drop me an e-mail on

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A few businesses and friends I’d like to support… – Ever wanted your blog or dissertation read over? Talk Apple provide a turnaround service from 24 hours,  making sure to correct any written English, including any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. As a result, they aim to improve the overall quality of your writing. I really wish this was around when I was in uni!

Plus Minus Magazine – I started writing for Plus Minus earlier this year and it enabled me to attend London Fashion Week. You can’t get any more glam than that right? Plus Minus covers the new and the now, with an inclusive feel, you won’t feel left out anytime soon…

Monsters Inc

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